Combine annotations


Cox Lab


November 15, 2023

1 General

===== Brief description =====

Search multiple categorical or string columns for the occurrence of a set of terms.

Output: A new categorical column is generated indicating the presence of any of these terms.

2 Parameters

2.1 Categories

Select categorical and/or text columns that should be searched for the specified “Search terms” (default: no columns selected).

2.2 Search terms

Specified terms will be searched in the previously defined categorical and/or text columns (default: empty). Multiple terms are possible and must be separated by new lines, so each line in the “Search terms” field will be searched in each column. In the newly generated categorical column rows containing one of the search terms in one of the selected columns are indicated by a “\(+\)”.

2.3 Name of new column

The name of the new generated categorical column containing a “\(+\)” if one one “Search terms” matches one of the selected columns.

2.4 Inverse

If checked, rows not matching the “Search terms” are indicated by a “\(+\)” (default: unchecked).

3 Parameter window