Convert multi-numeric column


Cox Lab


November 15, 2023

1 General

2 Brief description

Creates for the specified multi-numeric columns a numeric column containing the result of the specified operation applied to the items in each cell of each selected multi-numeric column.

Output: If n multi-numeric columns are selected, n numeric columns will be added to the matrix.

3 Parameters

3.1 Operation

Selected operations that should be applied to multi-numeric columns to gain a numeric column with one value per row (default: no operations are selected). For each selected operation a separate numeric column is generated. The operations can be selected from a predefined list:

  • Count
  • Sum
  • Product
  • Average
  • Median

3.2 Columns

Selected multi-numeric columns that will be transformed applying each of the selected operations (default: all multi-numeric columns are selected).

4 Parameter window

Convert multi numeric column