Replace strings


Cox Lab


November 15, 2023

1 General

  • Type: - Matrix MultiProcessing
  • Heading: - Basic (MultiProcessing)
  • Source code: ReplaceStrings.cs

2 Brief description

Replace strings in a text column according to a key value table. The first matrix contains the column that will be edited while the second matrix is used to define the key-value table. In case entries in the column that is edited contains a semicolon, the replacement happens for the terms separated by these.

Output: Same as first input matrix except that the selected text column has been edited.

3 Parameters

3.1 Column in matrix 1 to be edited

The column in the first matrix in which strings will be replaced according to the key-value table specified in matrix 2.

3.2 Keys in matrix 2

The keys for the replacement table.

3.3 Values in matrix 2

The values for the replacement table.