Z Score


Cox Lab


March 18, 2024

1 General

  • Type: - Matrix Processing
  • Heading: - Normalization
  • Source code: ZScore.cs

2 Brief description

The mean of each row/column is subtracted from each value. The result is then divided by the standard deviation of the row/column.

Output: Normalized expression matrix.

3 Parameters

3.1 Matrix access

Specifies whether the z-scoring is performed on rows or columns (default: Rows).

3.1.1 Grouping

This parameter is just relevant, if the “Matrix access” is set to “Rows”. It specifies, whether the normalization should be applied separately on groups (default: ).

3.2 Use median

If checked, the median and not the mean of each row/column is used for the calculation of the z-score of each matrix cell (default: unchecked).

3.3 Report mean and std. dev.

If checked, the mean and the standard deviation used for the calculation are reported (default: unchecked). In case the z-scoring is based on rows (“Matrix access” = “Rows”), the calculated mean and standard deviation appear in 2 newly generated numeric columns called “Mean” and “Std. dev.” containing the mean and standard deviation of each row. In case the calculation is based on columns (“Matrix access” = “Columns”), 2 new numeric rows are generated containing the mean and standard deviation of each column.

4 Parameter window