Cox Lab


March 26, 2024

Data processing in Perseus generally takes the form of loading a matrix of data and then applying a series of transformations to that matrix. These transformations are called “activities”. They are organized into a series of “Types”, and possibly a number of “Headings” under the Type.

You can search this page for the name of the activity of interest, or you can browse the Type or Heading of interest using the Table of Contents on the right.

1 Matrix Upload

2 Matrix Export

3 Matrix Analysis

3.1 Clustering/PCA

3.2 Misc. (Analysis)

3.3 Visualization

4 Matrix MultiProcessing

4.1 Basic (MultiProcessing)

4.2 CI

5 Matrix Processing

5.1 Annot. columns

5.2 Annot. rows

5.3 Basic (Processing)

5.4 Clustering

5.5 Filter columns

5.6 Filter rows

5.7 Imputation

5.8 Learning

5.9 Modifications

5.10 Normalization

5.11 Outliers

5.12 Quality

5.13 Rearrange

5.14 Tests

5.15 Time series